Q: What type of material is used for the screen protectors?
We uses an optically clear, 2mm thick film that offers strength, clarity, a smooth glass-like texture, and responsive user experience.

Q: What does self-healing means?
This means the film is capable of healing scratches and daily shocks simply by warm temperature.

Q: How long does it take to install a screen protector?
1-2 minutes to install the screen protector

Q: How to install my Second Skin?
Check our installation guide and our installation video

Q: The protection is not well aligned
Don’t worry, if the protection is not aligned properly, you can peel it off, add more of the installation gel and reapply.

Q: Will it change the look of my device?
It’s the thinnest self-healing protection on the market. Only 0.2mm to preserve the design of your device. 

Q: Will installation gel damage my device?
No. Our gel was formulated to not damage any composant of your device.

 Q: Will the Second Skin hurt my device?
The adhesive we use is soft and will not damaged at all your device. It is easy to remove if you wish but hard to remove by hitself.

Q: Can I see all devices in your library?
Yes! Go to